Shasathon UK

A sensational event where over 420 Lomdim come together under one roof to complete the whole of shas in one day.

The success of this event enables ATime to help numerous couples a year relying on us to financially aid them to undergo fertility treatments.

Shasathon UK 2017 Videos


The pain of infertility knows no bounds when riding it alone!

The intense and agonizing wait for that little bundle of joy and home filled with young laughter is every couples hope and dream.  But, month after month they realize that this may not be a reality but a far-off dream that may never become true.

ATime steps in when the waters are turbulent and the loneliness is hurting oh! So bad. But with an iron strength, we come together for an uplifting Shabbos where unity prevails, bringing international speakers infusing the much-needed hope into the young couple’s life.

By supporting each other, sharing experiences, treatment plans and just a listening ear by someone in the same boat gives them zest and strength to ride it out just another few months until the next ATime Shabbaton.