A TIME is the premier, internationally acclaimed organization that offers advocacy, education, guidance, research and support through our many programmes to jewish couples struggling with infertility.

A TIME is strongly endorsed by leading Rabbonim and physicians, and is sensitive to the privacy of each couple while providing a wide array of essential services in a caring and professional manner.


Helping a couple through infertility
has staggering costs.

Conferences & Entertainment


The largest expense on our budget are the payments for medical treatments, doctor’s and clinic’s fees.

Therapist run workshops & support groups

Regular social events highlighted by a long weekend shabbaton retreat. Therapist run workshops as well as support groups.


General organizational administration costs.

Message from the Founder

As I look back over the last two decades since the founding of A TIME, I am still in awe of our accomplishments. What started as a commitment that no Jewish couple should go through infertility alone grew into a revolution that forever changed the landscape of infertility in the Jewish world.

No longer does a couple grapple with questions that have no answers. No longer are they lost, left to wonder which approach to take or which specialist to use. No longer is infertility a topic that is taboo.

A TIME was established to take the loneliness and the uncertainty out of this journey with a network of valuable services that address every facet of this difficult challenge. I am proud to say that our influence has reached every corner of the earth.

A TIME provides information, resources, and assistance at every step of the road to parenthood. Focusing on the larger picture of women’s health, we also address issues beyond the scope of infertility, touching hearts every step of the way.

Our staff is at the forefront of reproductive technology, and our experts have access to major labs across the country and throughout the world.

The thousands of members who have joined our community are grateful to be part of the A TIME family, and it gives us great satisfaction to know that we can be there for them.



There are absolutely no words to express our deepest, deepest, appreciation at this milestone in our life for ALL you have done to bring us to this point.

Your guidance, unparalleled patience and total devotion left us feeling supported and cared for at every step of the way.

Only הקב”×” can repay you for all the חסד you have done.

Forever grateful, forever indebted.

Thank you Atime!

Words are inadequate to express our appreciation to you for all your help and guidance through our journey. Thank you for your endless patience, understanding and genuine care, for advocating and arranging and being there every step of the way.

ישלם ×”’ שכר פעליתיך – May Hashem repay you כפל כפלי as only He can.

Thank you Atime!

To the builders of ×›”×™,

Although it is not possible in any way,

Our heartfelt gratitude to convey,

The רבש”ם is the only one,

Who can repay for all you’ve done.

When we reached a time, so unsure,

We knocked upon your door,

With patience, sensitivity and real care,

Your expertise you did share,

We felt so reassured,

Guided and Secured,

It was though we were being led by an experienced guide,

Holding our hand standing at our side,

The heavy financial boulder,

You took it upon your shoulder,

As if it was obvious this way,

And of course you were available every single day.

Taking care of every concern,

Never waiting for any gratitude in return,

May הקב”×” shower you with every ברכה,

In all your endeavors you should see הצלחה.

Thank you Atime!